4 Factors To Help Choose Your School Fence Color

21 October 2016
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Whether you are updating your old school fence or installing a new one, one of the questions you may be discussing among your colleagues is what color of fencing you should invest in. Modern school security fencing can be made in a variety of colors. If the fencing you want is not available in your desired color, you can use after-market paint to help customize your fence solution. Below are a few things to consider when you decide on your fence color. 

The Overall Appearance of Your School 

Your school's fence should complement the overall appearance of your campus. For example, if you have a very traditional building and grounds, you may want to opt for a more sleek, traditional black fence. However, if you have a fun, modern campus, you may want to opt for brighter colors. 

How Often You Intend to Repaint Your Fence

Most fence materials are made with a long-lasting powder coating. This will allow your fence to look good for several seasons without touching up the paint. If you select a powder coating, you should opt for either a traditional color or one of your school colors to create a timeless effect. However, if you have the volunteer power to repaint your fence every year, you can opt for brighter colors based on popular vote among your students or PTA. 

The Message You Want to Convey to Students and Parents 

Fences can convey many messages to people. For example, they can designate your school as a separate, fun area if they are bright and welcoming. Or they may be more intimidating if they are dark and formal. You should carefully consider the message you wish to convey to students and parents. For example, a bright, rainbow colored fence may be appropriate for an elementary school but not for a high school. Additionally, if you have a closed campus, you may want a more formal, stark fence, whereas if you have an open campus, you may want a more subtle, friendly fence. 

Whether You Have Crime Issues In Your Area 

If you live in a high crime area or if your school is a target for vandalism, you will want to opt for more intimidating paint choices. Black paint or a dark school color are good options. Additionally, you should consider anti-climb paint, which creates an oily surface that is difficult to climb and leaves paint marks on anyone who tries to climb the fence. 

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