Keeping It Classy: Trash Enclosures For A Luxury Garden Apartment Complex

21 October 2016
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As the developer of an upscale garden apartment complex, you've invested heavily in making sure that each living space is designed for comfort, beauty, and energy efficiency. The landscaping is designed for maximum visual interest and enjoyment while conserving water so it has low impact on the environment. The amenities you've included in the garden apartment complex are classy without being ostentatious. You've created a highly desirable property to attract upscale tenants who consider green living and sustainability as important as fine architectural features and clever interior design. In this type of high-value property, even the way trash disposal is handled can have an influence on the type of discerning, long-term tenants that will make your investment profitable.

Focus On the 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

You can't control the amount or the type of waste your tenants generate. But those who are attracted to the type of property you've developed are likely to be conscious of earth friendly practices already. You can support their dedication to green living by offering trash management systems to make sorting and disposing waste materials easy.

For maximum convenience, set up a trash-sorting station at a centralized location that's easily accessible, such as a corner of the parking lot. The station should be enclosed by a chain link fence to ensure that the containers have low visual impact, won't be moved or damaged by high winds, and won't be susceptible to pests or intruders.

TIP: Use black or green coated chain link mesh and posts instead of the classic raw metallic fencing material so that the enclosure blends well with natural surroundings.

Contract with local recycling companies to provide containers and a routine hauling schedule. Depending on the services available in your area, there will be separate containers for:

  • newspaper
  • plastic
  • glass
  • aluminum
  • cardboard

Make sure the containers are clearly labeled so that sorting and disposal is convenient and easy for your tenants instead of a chore.

Celebrate the Value of Savvy Trash Handling

Provide clear details about the environmentally friendly trash disposal system as an attractive feature when you are showing prospective tenants the amenities your luxury apartment complex offers. It may seem like a minor detail to some, but many will appreciate the extra effort management has made to ensure that green practices are honored and sustained. You can reinforce this positive impression throughout the year by organizing extra events such as Christmas tree recycling and closet-clean-out days to support a local charity.

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