Talk To Your Fencing Contractor About These Features To Jazz Up The Look Of Your New Fence

21 October 2016
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Having a new fence installed around the perimeter of your yard can transform the look of your property. When you meet with a fencing contractor to talk about the look of the fence, your desired material, and other specifics, it's useful to have a discussion about the features you'd like to see implemented. It's better to give consideration to these features now so that they can be added at the time of construction. This will give you a better look than trying to add features afterward, as they may look out of place. Here are some things that your fencing contractor can implement for you.

Seating Options

If your yard is small, it's advantageous to talk to your fencing contractor about building some seating options into the fence. This approach can result in less wasted space, since you won't need multiple chairs and a patio set. There are a number of different seating options that your fencing contractor can present you with. An ideal one is to have a bench or a couple individual seats built into the fence. In addition to being functional, this idea can also be visually appealing, given that the seating options will match the fencing material and, essentially, act like an extension of the fence.

Lighting Solutions

Don't have the fence built and then think about adding lights to it. If you talk to your contractor about lights right away, he or she will include them in the design and construction. Whether you want some lights at the top of the fence posts or smaller lights inset into the posts themselves, the contractor will be able to install holes and slots to run the wiring, giving you a finished product that is clean and professional looking. This serves as a valuable alternative to the homemade approach you might take, which could include wires running around the fence.

Built-In Lattice

If you anticipate growing vines or other climbing plants up the inside or outside of your fence, talk to your fencing contractor about building in a lattice. Doing so can look nicer than you buying an inexpensive lattice and sticking it in the ground in front of the fence. The contractor can design a fence that includes lattice segments in the specific areas where you'll be planting. Although the lattices themselves will be largely hidden during the growing season, they'll match the fence when they're visible during the fall and winter.

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