4 Tips for Remodeling Your Deck

26 October 2016
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Your deck serves as the transition between your inside life and outdoor fun. You can cook, eat, entertain or just lounge on your deck. Perhaps your deck is starting to look a little worn, or it's simply time for a makeover. Update your deck to make it an enjoyable spot again.

Consider Deck Tile

A common complaint from homeowners is damaged or worn decking. It can make your deck look ugly even if the rest of the area is in good repair. For this problem, the Landscaping Network suggests covering the flooring in prefab deck tiles. These tiles are made of wood pre-cut into squares, though composite is a possible material as well. The tiles are very easy to install, and they add instant beauty to your deck.

Change the Railing

The next step for updating your deck is to consider your railing. Even if the railing is in good repair, it may be time to consider a new one because it changes the look of the deck dramatically. For instance, you can make your deck look old world with the addition of wrought iron railing, especially if you choose ornate panels. For a modern deck, straight iron railing, cable rail and tempered glass are all contemporary materials. Wood and composite, which mimics wood, are great materials for a traditional look.

Additionally, consider adding deck lighting on your railing. By having the posts or railing outfitted with lights, you not only add a layer of safety, you enhance the ambient light in your space.

Build in Some Privacy

Another big consideration for improving a deck is building in some privacy, especially if it's near the street or open to the neighbors. You can achieve this with screening. For example, consider building a pergola for shade. Add screens to one side that you can lower whenever you want additional privacy. You can choose fabric screens or organic materials such as bamboo or matchstick. It's also possible to train climbing plants up a trellis for a living screen.

Add a Water Feature

Along those same lines, the sound of running water will make your deck feel more secluded. The addition of a water feature can be as simple or as involved as you want. For example, you could just place a portable fountain on top of a table or tucked away into a corner. You could have contractors build a fountain into your deck. For an elaborate water feature, consider having a waterfall cascade off one side of your deck into a pool in the yard. In addition to the water music, these features add the beauty of water interacting with sunlight.

Create new enjoyment with your outdoor space by remodeling your deck. Learn more about your options by contacting companies like Rainier Fencing & Decking.