Creative Options To Make Your Vinyl Fence Stand Out

27 October 2016
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Fences are usually built in order to maintain privacy and security. But if you choose the right design, your fence can be an attractive addition to your property, too. Vinyl fencing is a good choice if you're aiming for good looks since it is easy to clean and does not rot or develop rust like wood or metal fences sometimes do as they age. If you want a vinyl fence that truly stands out and calls attention to itself, consider these options.

Choose a unique pattern.

Though you see a lot of white and brown vinyl fences, these are far from your only color choices. Some manufacturers make vinyl fences that are meant to look like brick or stone fences. From a distance, it will appear that you have a real brick or stone fence in your yard. Up close, it will be more obvious that the fence is vinyl, but the pattern will still be unique and attractive. And unlike a real brick or stone fence, it won't start chipping or crumbling.

Pick a outline color.

You can choose a fence that has each panel outlined in a different color. For instance, the fence can be mostly white, but the outside edges of each piece could be brown or navy blue. This is a good way to incorporate a color from your home, such as your roof color or the color of your window frames, into your fence. The fence will look like it's a connected part of your home, rather than a separate feature of your yard.

Choose different colors for your posts and panels.

There are two major parts of a vinyl fence: the posts that go into the ground and the panels that stretch from post to post. Usually, homeowners choose the same colors for both parts. However, you can create a unique look if you use a different color for the posts and the panels. For instance, you could choose dark navy blue posts and slate gray panels. For the ultimate coordinating look, use the same two colors on your home: navy blue window frames and slate gray siding. You could even go one step further and choose stone-patterned posts and solid-colored panels.

Vinyl fences look great from day one onward, and all you have do to keep them looking that way is hose them off when they get a little dirty. Talk to a fencing contractor, such as those found at Hahn-AA Fencing, to learn more about these and other design options.