Deer Munching On Your Greenery? Keep Them Out With A Properly Installed Fence

28 October 2016
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Deer might look cute from a distance, but you likely do not want them on your property. Their presence can lead to pest problems because the insects can jump off the animals and find shelter around your backyard. If you have a lot of greenery from the grass, flowers, bushes, and trees that are on your landscape, deer may love coming around because they can have an enormous feast eating everything that you are growing. One solution is to just stop growing much in the backyard as the deer will keep coming back. But, a better solution that allows you to maintain the beauty in your landscape is by building a fence.

Figure Out a Plant Strategy

The first thing that you will need to decide on is a plant strategy. Some homeowners do not want to have a solid fence because it might hide lovely views that extend past their property lines. But, this can lead to issues when deer stick their head through the gaps and eat the plants that are around the fence. Some plants may grow outward and have twigs and branches that stick out of the fence, which become easy to eat. If you are willing to trim back your plants or avoid growing anything right by the fence, you can pick a chain-link fence or wood fence with noticeable gaps in between the pickets. When you do not want to have this kind of limitation, you will need to build a solid fence that keeps deer from eating anything.

Learn About the Laws

Some of the laws that your city or neighborhood has may lead to critical restrictions. A backyard fence may only be constructed up to six feet high in some areas, which will most likely stop the deer in their tracks. It is possible to add extra obstructions such as bushes that you can grow even higher for maximum protection. The main problem is when they can go through the front yard fence and right into the backyard. It is a smart idea to extend the backyard fence to the side of your house with an entrance gate. This way, you can protect your entire backyard with a fence or gate that always has at least a six-foot barrier.

When you fully understand these details, you can start working with a fence company to create plans for installing a fence on your property that will effectively keep deer away from your greenery. For more information, contact local professionals like York Fence Co.