Protecting Your Chain Link Fence When You Have A Dog

22 October 2018
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Your dog loves to spend time in the backyard. While being outside is a great way to let your pet burn energy and stay healthy, the dog isn't exactly kind to your fence. If you have a chain link fence that your dog seems to attack — you can protect your fence. Learn what you can do to protect your fence from your dog. Install Privacy Slats Dogs are curious creatures. Read More 

Don’t Forget These Factors When You’re Erecting A Wood Fence For Privacy Reasons

21 August 2018
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When it comes to getting privacy in your backyard, a wood fence is one of your best choices. It provides a solid barrier between your yard and the yards of your neighbors, giving you a sense of privacy when you're outside. Planning your wood fence for privacy might seem easy enough, but some homeowners can make a series of simple mistakes that leave them with a fence that doesn't provide a full degree of privacy. Read More 

5 Quick Questions To Ensure You Get An Amazing Glass Pool Fence

18 June 2018
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Working with a pool glass fencing services provider is a great way to see that'll you'll have something in place that'll look amazing and be practical. It's important, however, to ask a few questions before you settle on a product and a company to put it in. 1. Local Regulations When dealing with a contractor, you'll likely wish to work with someone who's familiar with local ordinances in regards to pool fences. Read More 

How To Repair Small And Large Holes In Aluminum Fencing

8 April 2018
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Aluminum fencing lasts a long time, but at some point, it can begin to rust and cause holes to form which can make the fencing less sturdy. Here, you'll learn how to fix those holes and get a few more years of use out of your aluminum fencing. Supply List Bucket Water Dish soap Sandpaper – fine and coarse-grit Sponge Steel clamp Paint brush Tin snips Paint brush and metal paint or spray paint Propane torch Epoxy Aluminum sheet Small Holes Read More 

Deer Munching On Your Greenery? Keep Them Out With A Properly Installed Fence

28 October 2016
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Deer might look cute from a distance, but you likely do not want them on your property. Their presence can lead to pest problems because the insects can jump off the animals and find shelter around your backyard. If you have a lot of greenery from the grass, flowers, bushes, and trees that are on your landscape, deer may love coming around because they can have an enormous feast eating everything that you are growing. Read More